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Strengthen Resilience, Empower Customers and Accelerate Sustainable Growth

HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2022

While we are still feeling the lingering impact of the pandemic, the banking industry is staying strong and optimistic as we are starting to see fruits from what we planted in the past few years.

The transformation of the banking industry in terms of operations and business delivery is ongoing and technology is expected to disrupt the industry further. The transformation allows banks to engage new customer segments, significantly enhance the customer experience and roll out new innovative products.

The industry is also having to manage a rising interest rate environment, as well as the realisation of many potential growth areas, such as the cross-boundary Wealth Management Connect, and the explosive demand for ESG products and investment globally could create abundant opportunities for banks. To adapt to a rapidly evolving business landscape, attracting, developing, and retaining talent is a major priority for banks.

With the theme “Strengthen Resilience, Empower Customers and Accelerate Sustainable Growth”, HKIB strives to provide a platform for the banking industry to get together and exchange new ideas and actionable insights to unleash these new growth opportunities and manage the impacts of the global uncertainties.

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