About Us

Who we are

The Association of Hong Kong Accountants (“AHKA”) was incorporated in January 2014. Our founding members are passionate to promote continuing professional development amongst its members and associates, not only in accounting knowledge but also in a wider scope of areas where our members and associates are interested and beneficial to their career development.

What we do

To improve and elevate the technical and general knowledge of persons engaged or about to engage in the profession by provision for training and education lectures.

To meet the continuing development needs of members in the accounting profession and members in other professionals or the general public by promoting advancement of education, physical, mental and spiritual health services, social welfare, charity, exchange of ideas and sharing among members and others.

To organize, participate, develop or launch meetings, conventions, seminars, courses, radio broadcasts, television programs, other audio/video productions, printed literatures, books, music, teaching curriculum and other forms of media, and to establish, maintain, and operate facilities for the advancement and development of the accounting profession.

2023-2024 Council Members

Mr. CHAN Sai Hung, Stephen (President)

Mr. LIU Eugene (Deputy President)

Dr. LAM Kin Lun, Davie (Honorary Treasurer)

Mr. WOO Yuen Fai, Vincent (Honorary Secretary, Chairman of Membership Services Working Committee)

Mr. CHOW Shiu Lui, Jack

Mr. LO Wa Kei, Roy (Chairman of CPD Committee)

Mr. MA Chung Ho, Thomas (Chairman of Education Committee)

Dr. YEUNG Wai Hung

Mr. TANG Wai Yau, Nelson

Mr. YU Kwong Man, Tanny

Mr. LAM Siu Wai, Peter (Member of Education Committee)

About AHKA

  • The Association of Hong Kong Accountants (“AHKA”)

How to join us

We recognize full members of professional accountancy bodies under the International Federation of Accountants as our full members. Also, we welcome students from universities and post-secondary colleges in accounting or business disciplines to become associates.

In order to encourage accountants and students to join us, we decide to waive the membership entrance fee and subscription fee for applications made in 2024.

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